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Training Programmes

The training of your staff in the use of our products increases health and safety awareness surrounding chemicals and reduces the likelihood of accidents whilst using our chemicals. That's why we offer in-house staff training on the use of our chemical cleaning products for all of our customers in all industries. We give guidance on product labelling, correct usage procedures, the best protective equipment to use and chemical accident awareness. 

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Exclamation Mark Pictogram

We can also update your staff on the New CLP regulations which has seen the labelling of chemicals change from 1st June 2015 to the Global Harmonised System. 

For our customers in the Food industry, we are also able to help you comply with the “due diligence” aspect of the Food Safety Act. Our training programmes are tailored to each business so you will be getting up-to-date training on aspects that affect you and your staff. Contact Us for more information.